"I will always remain in awe of the emotional, physical, philosophical, and spiritual environment that I was allowed to share with a handful of remarkable, dedicated people for one month in October. Thank you so much for the most memorable and important experience in my life as an artist."
- Rea Mingeva,
Visual Artist, Minnesota

Our Recent Residents:

Residents of the Anderson Center have come from 45 different states and more than 40 countries, including Argentina, Australia, Cameroon, Canada, China, Croatia, Denmark, Egypt, England, Estonia, Georgia, Germany, Greece, India, Iran, Israel, Italy, Kenya, Korea, Lithuania, Mexico, Norway, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia, Spain, and Uganda.


Amy Pirkle, AL - Printmaking
Sara Hughes, GA - Poetry
Erin Malone, WA - Poetry
Paula Schulze, WI - Mixed Media
Kate Vogle, MN - Fiction
Elissa Favero, WA - Nonfiction
Roberta Restaino, CO - Printmaking

Gretchen Marquette, MN - Poetry
Jean Fineberg, CA - Music Composition
Meriah Crawford, VA - Fiction
David Andree, AR - Painting
Holly Hughes (PLU), WA - Poetry
Eun-Kyung Suh, MN - Fabric/Textile
Julianna Waters (PLU), OR - Fiction

Tim Bascom, IA - Fiction
Kathryn Maxwell, AZ - Printmaking
Heather Knox, WI  - Poetry
Stefan Kreiger, Austria - Mixed Media
Danit Brown, MI - Fiction
Jonathan Damery (UofMN), MN - Nonfiction
Liliana Padilla, CA - Playwriting
Jonathon Atkinson (UofMN), MN – Fiction

August (Emerging Artists funded by the Jerome Foundation)
Debra Stone, MN - Fiction
Serena Lin, NY  - Fiction
Kate Bickmore, NY - Painting
Teresa Audet, MN - Sculpture
Christine Kandic Torres, NY - Fiction
Amanda Krupman, NY - Fiction

Angélica Minero Escobar, Spain-Musicology
Michael Tsalka, Spain - Musicology
Fumi Amano, VA - Glassblowing
Christopher Kempf, PA - Poetry
Jennifer Lue, NY - Nonfiction
Eric Utne, MN   - Nonfiction

Georgia Greeley, MN - Children’s Illustration
Elise Winn Pollard, CA - Fiction
Tim Nolan, MN - Poetry
Kelsie Ward, IL - Sculpture
Sejal Shah, NY - Nonfiction


Eliza Leahy (Capstone), MN-Poetry
Cynthia Hogue, AZ-Poetry
Marcus Wicker, IN-Poetry
Kevin Kling, MN-Playwright
Katie Baker (PLU), WA-Fiction
Ray Minge (Capstone, MN-Musician
Cate Hennessey (PLU), PA-Nonfiction

June (Deaf Artists funded by the National Endowment for the Arts)
Adrean Clark, MN-Mixed Media
Jennifer Nelson, D.C.-Painting
Kaitlyn Mielke, SC-Fiction
Leah Greer, TX-Linguistics
Kalen Feeney, OR-Screenwriter

Kim Todd, MN-Nonfiction
Kendra Atleework, MN-Nonfiction
Tom Virgin, FL-Printmaking
Bernhard Gwiggner, Austria-Mixed Media
Siel Ju, CA-Fiction
Sean Nevin, NJ-Poetry
Emily Strasser, MN-Nonfiction

August (Emerging Artists funded by the Jerome Foundation)
Cameron Jarvis, MN-Mixed Media
Lauren Krukowski, NY-Painting
Rafil Kroll-Zaidi, NY-Nonfiction
Glendaliz Camacho, NY-Fiction
Lara Palmquist, MN-Fiction

Angélica Minero Escobar, Sweden-Musicology
Michael Tsalka, Sweden-Musicology
Joe Cepeda (Capstone), CA-Illustrator
Ye Yunlong, China-Painting
Melo Dominguez, AZ-Mixed Media
Ralph Hamilton, IL-Poetry

Sara Novic, NY-Fiction
Ploy Pirapokin , CA-Fiction
Nina Tomas, France-Painting
Paula Rice, AZ-Pottery
Joyce Sutphen, MN-Poetry


Paul Brantley, NY-Composer
Stephan Clark, MN-Fiction
Marianne Boruch, IN-Poetry
Justin Quarry, TN-Fiction
Susan Lenz Dingman, SC-Fabric artist
Leslie Miller, MN-Poetry

David Groff, NY-Poetry
Sheila O’Connor, MN-Fiction
Maria Daxer-Lehner, Austria-Painting
Richard Stephens, MN-Printmaker
James Arthur, MD-Poetry
Jill Norton, CA-Fiction
Scott Coffel, IA-Poetry

Angélica Minero Escobar, Sweden-Musicology
Tom Virgin, FL-Printmaking
Michael Tsalka, Sweden-Concert Piano
Joseph Rios, CA-Poetry
Corinne Duchesne, ON-Painting
Brooks Teevan, MN-Fiction
Richard Robbins, MN-Poetry

Leekyung Kang, MN-Mixed Media
Julie Sirek, MN-Fiber Arts
Charles Conley, MN-Fiction
Nadia Kalman, NY-Fiction
Karim Dimechkie, NY-Fiction

John Coy, MN-Children’s Author
Jim Heynen, MN-Fiction
Elaine Elinson, CA-Nonfiction
Britni Ulrich, IL-Painting
CB Sherlock, IL-Painting

Cate Whittemore, CA-Painting
Mike Gardner, NY-Fiction
Jim Lenfestey, MN-Poetry
Julie Jilek, WI-Painting
Nancy Carlson, MN-Children’s Lit